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Concept Concrete WA Perth has the capacity and skills to manage projects of various sizes and complexity. We build concrete relationships with our customers as well as delivering an excellent value-for-money service. Our extensive qualifications, experience and integrity, coupled with excellent project management expertise, provides you with the assurance of our services.

Do you think that cement and concrete is the same thing? Surprise…cement is just one of the ingredients used in concrete. The Concept Concreters Perth provides high quality, specialized concreting services for driveways as well as concrete slab.

Concrete is a unique material; it is used more than any other substance that man produces and because it plays such an important role in our buildings, roads and other structures it’s important to find the right concrete services company to get the job done right the first time. You can be sure of the best service when you choose Concept Concrete WA.

Many people use the ‘cement’ and ‘concrete’ interchangeably, but in reality, Portland cement is just one of the ingredients of concrete. The ingredients that make up Portland cement include limestone, shale, silica, alumina, iron ore, clay, calcium compounds and iron oxide in specified amounts. All of these materials are crushed and then placed in a rotating cement kiln. Although it’s common for people to say a ‘cement driveway’ what they really should say is ‘concrete driveway.’

What is Concrete?

Along with 10-15% of Portland cement, a mixture of aggregates, such as sand, crushed stone and gravel and water is what concrete is made of. When all of these ingredients are mixed together, it then goes through ‘hydration,’ a process which causes the cement and water to bind together and harden. The hardening process never ends; the years that pass only make concrete stronger. For the process of hydration to take place, water must be available and the temperature of the concrete must be maintained at the appropriate level.

But the important process for reliable concrete is called ‘curing’ a process which increases the durable strength of concrete tremendously. New concrete has a 5-7 day curing period after placement. During this period of time, concrete surfaces must be kept wet so that hydration can take place. This can be achieved by using commercial curing compounds, or by using water hoses or sprinklers and then covering the area with wet burlap.

Why is it Important to Use a Concrete Service Company?

Choosing an incompetent concreter when you’re building your house, or need a slab or adding a driveway can put the safety and appearance of your home at risk. To prevent disaster the company that provides your concrete services needs to be experienced and trustworthy.

Are you looking for a concrete services company to:Finest Concrete
• Move or cut existing concrete?
• Polish and clean concrete?
• Lay a concrete path, concrete driveway or a decorative concrete border?
• Provide additional support for existing concrete surfaces?
• Perform concrete repairs?
• Pour a concrete base for a brick wall?


At Concept Concrete WA Services we employ a professional team of concreters with years of industry experience. For concrete driveways in Perth you are assured that your concreting job will be done right. When you bring your job to us, we’ll work with you to find the best solution to take care of your concreting needs.Read what our other customers have to say about our work and you can rest assured that your work will exceed your expectations.In Perth, Australia, Concept Concreting Services has built a strong reputation as the most qualified, licensed concrete contractor to build your new driveway or lay your concrete slab precisely as you want it.

What Makes Concept Concrete Different?

When it comes to getting your money’s worth we can provide you with detailed information from the various tests we perform.Understanding the amount of concrete comes for what is called ‘the yield,’ which is the true volume of concrete that’s produced from the cement, water and aggregates. Weper form the unit weight test which measures a sample of the mixed concrete. This simple calculation must include the true unit weight of all materials used.

This is another reason why it’s best to use a qualified concreter; while some producers often over yield to be sure customers get what they paid for, inexperienced concrete service providers who don’t understand this testing process often short-change the customers by as much as 3%.When you hire Concept Concreter Services you will always have the proof of what you have purchased.We use the “Rule of 6’s” to ensure that you get the best mix proportions in your concrete driveway, foundation or slab.

Best Concreters in Perth:

Even though most people take for granted, concrete material with its incredible strength is created from a science that is highly technical and if taken lightly can result in tragic consequences.You cannot afford to build your home on a faulty foundation of concrete.Think of the risk to yourself and your family if you hire a concrete service company who doesn’t know how to properly test the concrete.

Do you really want to take the chance of laying a concrete slab that cannot withstand the pressure a home will place on it?

Imagine what would happen if the concrete foundation of your office building was unstable or not properly tested for strength?The decision about which materials you will use to build your home or office building structure has to be made carefully; you need to have your questions answered by a qualified and licensed concreter service company to avoid disaster.

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